Lesson fifteen

Instructions: Click on the link (the number of a deal) and after the movie appears, click on “Next” to have the opening lead. You can then click on “Play” and play the hand for yourself or by following my notes.

If you find anything unclear or have questions, please mail me through the “Contact me” form.

Deal one

You have three losers in side suits and may have two trump losers as well.

A heart loser can be ruffed, provided there will be a trump in dummy.

If you cover the opening lead, East will take the Ace of clubs and switch to spade.

The defense can then play three rounds of trumps, preventing the heart ruff.

You should avoid this by simply refusing to cover the opening lead.

Take one

If East overtakes, there will be no need to ruff a heart, as you will be able to discard the heart loser.

Take two

If East does not win his Ace of clubs at trick one, a latter ruffing finesse will establish the Queen of clubs for a discard.

Deal two

Take one

If you win trick one, North will, sooner or later, win a club trick and lead through your King of hearts.

Take two

To prevent this, simply hold up the Ace of diamonds.

Later, you can discard a club on the Ace of diamonds.

Now the clubs can be set while keeping North off play.

Deal three

You are going to need a spade ruff in dummy.

The spade trick must be lost before two rounds of trump are taken, or East can play a third round, eliminating the ruff.

If the Queen of spades is played, you can duck when East covers with the King.

However, if East does not cover, the timing is destroyed and West will score his 8 of hearts.

Let’s see that.

Take one

Duck trick one and everything will work fine.

Take two

Deal four

You have eleven top tricks and you can make your slam by a successful finesse in one of the minors.

You should consider, however, that both finesses may lose.

The diamond suit offers a two-way finesse.

It means that if the finesse in clubs loses, you will have to rely on a guess in diamonds.

To guarantee your slam, you should manage to execute an elimination-throw-in play.

Draw trumps and play the Ace-King of hearts, eliminating the suit.

Give up the club finesse and simply play the Ace of clubs, following with the Queen.

Whichever defender wins the King, will have to give you a ruff and a discard or play a diamond, solving you the guesswork.

Deal five

This is another communication problem.

You ruff the third round of spades, and then play the Ace-King of diamonds and ruff a third diamond.

You then play the Ace of hearts.

You need now to reach your hand to draw the remaining trumps.

Take one

If you ruff a spade in your hand, you simply promote a second trump for the defenders.

Take two

Or if you play a club and another club, East will win it and play another spade.

Now the Queen of hearts and the Jack of hearts will both score.

Take three

Instead, you should play the Ace of clubs and then lead the 6 of spades on which you can discard your last club.

Only one trump will now be lost.

Deal six

You have nine sure tricks and both red suits offer you the tenth by a successful finesse.

You should, however, spurn both.

After ruffing the third round of clubs, you can recognize the exact layout of the suit.

You know that North holds the Queen of clubs and after drawing his trumps, he will left with the Queen of clubs and only hearts and diamonds.

Whichever of these two suits he will choose to lead, you will have your tenth trick.

Draw trumps, finishing in dummy, and exit with the Jack of clubs to endplay North.






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